Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old appliances

DD went to open the dishwasher last night and CRASH! - the door slammed down. It sounded like the whole door fell off, it was so loud.  I was just thinking the other day that, boy, this dishwasher sure has lasted a long time at 23 years.  The door is so heavy now!  I did some online research this morning and apparently it's just a $7 spring that needs to be replaced, so that plus shipping is better than having to get a new dishwasher.  I guess we could live with the heavy, broken door but it looks like an easy fix so DH will get to be a bit of a handy man once the part gets here.

Our refrigerator is seeing it's last days too, but I'm not replacing it until I absolutely have to....and I don't have enough to pay cash for one right now anyway. Close, but the medical bills have eaten up most of my EF fund (as anticipated).  The range was replaced a few years ago, so we are good on that piece of appliance. I went all summer without a range (stovetop worked) to save up cash for the range. We did lots of BBQ'ing that summer!


  1. I am waiting for my stove and fridge to go. Per the manual and/or tags on the appliances...they are circa 1992.

    Glad yours is an easy fix.

  2. Wow, 23 years is pretty impressive! We had to replace our dishwasher last year and I think the rest of our appliances are about 20 years old but I hope they will last for a few more years.