Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh so close.....

I feel like the good changes to increase my monthly budget are sooo close I can almost reach out and touch them, but just can't quite get to them yet!  It's a combination of events, that if they all turn out well, could mean about an extra $500 per month.

Ds getting a full time job with benefits will mean at least $230 a month I won't be spending anymore for his health, dental and auto insurance. I'm not exactly sure how much I pay for him on my auto insurance - the detail breaks it down by car, not by driver, but my estimate is $100 for him and the car he drives. If he gets a job I will call the insurance company and find out exactly what it costs to have him and the car he drives on there. He will then start reimbursing me for it each month.  Our family friend who referred him for one of the jobs he phone interviewed with last week, is almost positive he will get the job! He has an in-person interview on Friday. He already heard a no on the other job he phone interviewed for. They said they got almost 400 resumes - crazy!

Me getting a raise soon....I'm estimating $200 a month.  I think this one is pretty much a given - just don't know exactly when yet, but soon, I'm sure.  Since I'll be off work for a week starting today, I guess I'll be waiting at least another week to find out.

Dd is applying for a part-time weekend hostess job today. Ds's girlfriend works there and told her there is an opening, so hopefully, since she comes referred, she will get the job!  That will save me about $70 a month in gas for her car. I will still pay her insurance, since she gets such awesome grades. I'm sure it will save me more, as she will use her money for clothes and other things, too.

I just want it all and I want it now!!


  1. I hope it all works out great, and everyone will get jobs and raises :)

  2. $500 extra a month is a nice chunk of change :)

  3. that is all AMAZING news!!!! :)

  4. Little by little, that is how I see it. If I can get D#2 off the cell phone plan and car insurance I will save $150.00 a month. I just booted another kid off cell plan will save $50.00. When D#2 goes off our health insurance in a year we will lower that by about $75.00 also. With the kids gone my utilities have really dropped. At least $50.00 a month. It all adds up.