Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let me out!

After a week off, I'm back to work, working from home today. Boy, am I ready to get out of the house and back up to the office tomorrow! Two people not feeling well in this house is more than enough. DD is on the mend from her wisdom teeth, but of course, still feeling a bit poopy.  DH is bouncing back and forth between good moods and bad, depending on his pain level.  He tends to get himself all riled up over issues, most that really have nothing to do with him or he has no control over, which I'm sure doesn't help his stress level (ie pain level) any. Or he tends to dwell on old issues and just not let go of them. I'm tired of listening to him complain about things he can't do anything about. I think I just need a day away from them all to recharge!


  1. You definitely need to get out....too bad it has to be to the

  2. I'm getting a few minutes break right now. DH, DD and the Dog are all asleep on the couch! DS is off to talk to a guy about a job....