Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to normal

DH's excitement and plan for eating healthier and losing weight lasted all of about 8 hours.  So, back to square one (though now I am $83 poorer and have a juicer taking up valuable counter space!). He liked the first juice I made. Hated the second one I tried, so lost interest - just like that. He also decided against the shake diet, at least until he gets his meds situation figured out.  I tried one of the shakes and totally felt like I had had caffeine (which I have an allergy to) for almost 24 hours! Not good.

I did get a $53 refund check in the mail from the lab my doctor sent my bloodwork to - a year ago! It was their error and they were supposed to pay it. I finally just paid the lab myself and sent the doctor's office a copy with a crabby letter. They ended up getting the lab to write off most of it and sent me a refund.

DS got another job interview today, but probably not something he will take if offered. It's almost 60 miles away and probably 2 hours each way in rush hour traffic. I'm not even sure why he applied for it, but, like I told him, at least he was picked out of all the resumes for an interview.  He was visiting a family friend later today and by chance another of his friends showed up. An engineer and big wig for a very large company and noticed DS was all dressed up so DS told him he had just been at a job interview. He has been sending DS links to job openings he thinks DS might be qualified for.

DD has worked 3 days at her new job and is liking it.  She is supposed to just work weekends, so I imagine will work next Monday, Labor Day, too. 

That's about all that is going on in my world lately.


  1. Sorry to hear that DH's healthier plan didn't make it a full day. I don't think he was truly committed to it if a second drink undid his resolve. Perhaps he is just saying what he thinks you want to hear?

    Try selling the juicer on craigslist or something to recoup part of what you spent.
    And no, you can't chop up DH and juice him no matter how much you feel like that is a solution. ;-)

    1. Hehehe - don't think it hasn't crossed my mind! LOL