Thursday, August 2, 2012

A spendy day

Vacation "staycation" day one, yesterday, was spendy! It started out with Dd and I heading to a larger mall in the next city over.  They have a few stores that our mall doesn't.  I had budgeted $200 for her.  Fortunately, she likes to get as much as she can for her $200.  We spent $167 on her clothes and she got 4 pair of jeans and 10 tops (still need some shoes).  We spent $7 on Starbucks to start the morning out and had lunch at Panera Bread for $14.  A little spendy, especially since I only had a half a sandwich and neither of us had anything to drink.  Plus we had to wait almost 25 minutes for our food to be brought.  It was good, but I wasn't that impressed.

I also found a pair of jeans for myself (much needed for work attire) for $20. I've always liked the JC Penney Arizona jeans. Good price and good fit on me. We walked around the "new" JCP and didn't find any. They only make them in juniors sizes now, so that's kind of a bummer. I also picked up Ds a pair of jeans there for $18.

Then we got a phone call from Dh.  Seems he's finally ready to start the landscape project that I have about $1200 set aside for. BUT, of course it's much more than that! - at least in the initial outlay. He talked to the neighbor (who actually caused this need for the retaining wall between our properties) and he said he'll pay for half. He just doesn't have it right now but will pay us back. I know he will be good for it.  I spent $1575 on 10 pallets of retaining blocks.  Neighbors share will be about $500, as half of the blocks will be used for a separate project out front. We decided just to get them all delivered now, so to only pay one delivery fee and we got a discount on the quantity.  Plus, I'll get $110 deposit back on the pallets after we return them.  The neighbor and his son will help install too, so we needed them delivered by tomorrow, so they can do it this weekend. Otherwise the neighbor will be out of town for awhile and won't be able to help out.  Once I get my $110 back and the $500 from the neighbor our cost will be $965. I'm so happy he said he would pay half.


  1. it sounds spendy, but as though you were prepared for all of the spending :) Good job & I hope you got what you needed :)

  2. Have you ever thought of finding a good thrift store? We have some great ones here where I live and it's totally amazing the things you can find for so much less than the mall! Just need to buy a jug of Tide, take them home and throw them in hot water. Nobody knows the difference. My friends all rave about my wardrobe....and I have to say, I love it - - because I look better than they do on probably LESS than 1/8 of what they spend!! Just a thought..........

    1. I used to shop at thrift stores and garage sales for the kids clothes when they were younger, but with a teenage daughter I don't think there is anyway she'd go for that at this age! She did get quite a few nice second hand clothes passed down from my son's girlfriend one time. But, I'm ok with her spending $200 for all her clothes and shoes. I think she did a great job finding all that for $200 (we got some shoes at Kohl's yesterday for $35). My friend says her daughter spends $100 just on one pair of jeans!

      As for me - I really don't spend much on clothes at all. I can wear jeans to work and my clothes last a long time for me. Most of the clothes I get are gifts (or giftcards) from my dh and kids or my mom, so that usually gives me enough to add to my wardrobe without me having to go purchase too much. When I was younger and worked for a big company (we had to dress very business like, back then) I had 2 older ladies my size who liked to shop and they were always giving me their old clothes! it was great. When I was pregnant with my son I had a whole wardrobe of pregnant office attire given to me by one of the ladies.